Going to Vegas? Here are a Few Tips to Limit Your Spending

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Since the emergence of mega resorts in Las Vegas, the idea of going for a cheap vacation to this city has been lost. However, it’s still possible to limit your spending when you go to Las Vegas. But, if you want to make your vacation cheap, you have to do things somehow differently. Essentially, you have to find ways and options to limit your overall spending.

Here are a few tips to limit your spending during a trip to Vegas:

Get Cheap Accommodation

Perhaps, you have read about hotel deals online. But, where are the hotels with cheap accommodation located in Las Vegas? In some cases, you may find cheap accommodation at a location that will require you to walk miles or use buses to get there from the airport. Therefore, take time to learn more about the location of the hotel with the best deals. Generally, accommodation is cheap in the middle of a week in Las Vegas. It can actually be extremely cheap on Tuesday nights. Factors that influence the cost of accommodation in Vegas include major events and conventions. However, rooms are generally cheap during the week days and expensive over the weekends. That’s because there are higher reservations on restaurants and hotels over the weekends. To limit your spending on accommodation during your trip to Vegas, take time to compare the rates of different hotels. Information is the key to a cheap Las Vegas vacation. Nevertheless, consider the location of a hotel even if it offers the cheapest accommodation in town. Consider hotels that are located at strategic places to make moving around the town easy for you.

Limit Your Spending on Drinks

Las Vegas is the place where people go to drink and engage in behaviors that relate to too much drinking. With this knowledge, focus on saving money on alcohol to avoid going broke for drinking excessively during your trip to Vegas. Some casinos in Vegas offer free drinks. However, you must gamble to get free alcohol. So, if you want to drink, sit around a slot machine and wait to be served cocktail by the waitress. If you tip them well, you will enjoy more drinks without burning a hole in your pocket. To save more during your trip, avoid clubs in Las Vegas. That’s because the cost of drinks in clubs are skyrocketing. Nevertheless, you can always be on the lookout for clubs that offer drink specials. Las Vegas clubs offer more fun and you can find some with great prices for drinks.

Look for Cheap Snacks and Foods

There are many fine dining options to consider in Las Vegas. However, some of them sell overpriced snacks and foods. But you can still enjoy great snacks and foods without spending a fortune. Look for cheap Las Vegas restaurants where you can enjoy fried chicken for less. There are also under $25 restaurants in Las Vegas that serve great meals even for $15. Therefore, take time to do some research and you will find places where you can enjoy great snacks and foods without breaking a bank.

Go for Cheap Thrills

Although the many entertainment options in Las Vegas make going cheap hard, you can find a concert or show that doesn’t require you to spend much. You can also check out free attractions and cheap shows in town. Essentially, seeing the people and the city itself is the best entertainment in Las Vegas.

Try these tips to limit your spending in Las Vegas and you will enjoy your overall experience.


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