Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

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When you know the top 5 honeymoon destinations, selecting the place to go after tying the knot becomes easier. Honeymoons come in varying sizes and shapes. But, everybody wants to leave everything behind and soak up in the company of their partner and celebrate love after a wedding. After all, the hassles of wedding planning are stressful enough. And the last thing you want to worry about is finding a perfect honeymoon destination.

Here are the top five honeymoon destinations that every wedding couple should consider:

  1. Mauritius

Many people see this honeymoon destination as an earthly heaven. It is characterized by beautiful beaches that extend into a long expanse of the serene blue ocean. Mauritius is tucked away into the Mascarene Islands. Thisis definitely a paradise slice and its name alone evokes the beautiful images of luxury hotels, pristine beaches, balmy weather, and blue seas. This is a perfect destination for celebrating and rekindling love after a tiresome wedding spell.

  1. Bali

This is a tropical paradise. It provides an awesome getaway for newlyweds. Explore the beautiful environment of Bali while cycling with your partner through the roads in the villages. These villages are flanked by naturally beautiful greenery. This honeymoon destination has amazing relaxing beaches that are sprinkled with spirituality, adventure, and culture. You can also laze around or ask a shaman to predict your future. Rest assured that your trip to Bali will provide a unique experience that you will truly love.

  1. Puket and Krabi

Puket and Krabi provide a perfect honeymoon destination for young couples. Located in Southern Thailand, this destination provides many things to do and explore during honeymoon. For instance, you can enjoy an eclectic nightlife of Thailand or go on a kayaking tour through the mangrove forests in Krabi. You can also enjoy the views of exotic marine, snorkel, scuba dive, or dance at the Bangla Road.

  1. Paris and Lucerne

True love is incomplete without a trip to the beautiful Switzerland. And, to ensure that your honeymoon spells ultimate classic romance, head to Paris, the city of eternal love. Honeymoon is generally perfect when it’s accompanied by the best chocolate, cheese and wine to set a perfect mood.

This is the experience that you get when you go to Lucerne. Head to Paris to make the experience complete and come back with perfect pictures. Rest assured that people will envy your honeymoon when you show them gorgeous pictures.

  1. Maldives

This is a perfect honeymoon destination for partners that love going all out. Surprise your partner with a trip to this honeymoon destination and you will sweep her off her feet. Many people think about huts that are suspended over azure water of the ocean. But, this destination provides a truly epic and luxurious experience. Explore the vibrant, amazing coral reefs and dive deep into the ocean. You can also surf or enjoy the amazing views of the Maldives water in complete peace at a never crowded destination.

If you’re planning a wedding, consider any of these top 5 honeymoon destinations and you will enjoy the most unforgettable experience.

A special thanks goes to Tim, a painting contractor (visit his company here if you’re looking to re-decorate with your new spouse after you get home from your vacation) who shared this article with us who recently came back from his honeymoon to Bali and decided to include a few additional locations to check out.