Japan’s Greatest Tourist Attractions

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When most people visit Japan for the first time, they are surprised to learn that it boasts of such a fascinating and rich history dating back to many centuries. For instance, many cathedrals were constructed in Japan long before those found in Europe. But, this is not all. Japan has many tourist attractions that draw people from different parts of the world to this Asian country every year. Here are some of Japan’s greatest tourist attractions.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

You probably know about the horrors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing of August 1945. However, this vibrant city has made incredible efforts in commemorating the victims of this first nuclear attack in the world. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park probably symbolizes a lasting peace. Every year, over one million tourists from overseas visit this attraction.

The park is located at the atomic blast’s epicenter. This point was once the bustling part of this city and it includes important memorials, museums, and monuments that relate to the fateful day’s events. What’s more, the gardens and grounds have a colorful blossoming, cherry that highlights the Peace Memorial Museum, the Memorial Cenotaph, the Flame of Peace, and the Atom Bomb Dome.

The Historic Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the most visited cities in Japan. It’s among the cities that WWII’s devastation spared in this country. Over 10 million people visit this attraction every year to explore its old architecture and streets. Because the imperial families were residing here, much of the architecture of this city has remained unchanged for years.

Nevertheless, Kyoto has remained one of the most crucial cultural centers in Japan. It has many art galleries and museums with important paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art. Its Buddhist-influenced architecture includes the well-preserved temples. Some of these are still used to-date. There are also structures like the 14th Century Golden Pavilion and the Nijo Castle. The Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove are also beautiful tourist attractions in Japan.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is undoubtedly the most recognizable of Japan’s landmarks. It’s also the highest mountain peak in the country towering 3,776 meters over the east and south landscapes. The height of this mountain makes it easy to spot from Tokyo, over 100 kilometers away.

This mountain has been celebrated in literature and art for centuries. Currently, Mount Fuji is considered an important icon in Japan. It’s recognized by UNESCO for having cultural significance globally. Mount Fuji forms a part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Over a million people climb Fuji every summer as a pilgrimage that culminates in enjoying the sunrise from its summit.

Imperial Tokyo

The Imperial Palace is a famous landmark in Japan due to the 17th Century parks that are surrounded by moats and walls. This is a must-see attraction for visitors in Japan. But, some parts of the palace are not open to the public. However, there is so much to see by simply taking a stroll in the area. You can also have fine views of the Imperial Palace from different points in the nearby parkland.

Most historical sites in Japan are still serving their original purposes. They are also open to the members of the public. What’s more, Japan’s beauty can be enjoyed throughout the year. So, if you plan to travel to this Asian country, consider visiting some of these tourist attractions.

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