Why You Should Travel to Dubai this Year

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Dubai is among the few Middle East cities that are open to travellers. This city is one of the seven municipalities that form the United Arab Emirates.

It’s located towards the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula and to the southwestern side of the Arabian Gulf. Many people travel to this city due to its stunning coastline, constant sunshine, and a vast desert. Nevertheless, there are more reasons to travel to Dubai.

They include:

The tallest building in the world

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building globally. It measures 828 meters and it makes the downtown Dubai sky stunning. Its architecture was inspired by the beach spiderlilly or Hymenocallis. This is a desert flower. This building appears in steel and glass aluminum as three towers around the central core. Traveling to Dubai gives you an opportunity to go to the top of this building where there is an open air deck on level 124. This gives you stunning views of the entire city at 360 degrees.


There are many shopping malls in Dubai. Dubai Mall is the most famous among them. This is the largest mall in the world and it covers a space of 12 million square feet. You can also go shopping in the Mall of the Emirates when you travel to Dubai.

Desert Safari

The Liwa Desert has an unforgettable landscape. It has miles of red sand that stretches endlessly into the furthest horizon. Going on a desert safari provides the best way to enjoy an unforgettable experience in this city. You get a chance to view the rolling sand dunes across the desert. You catch better views of the desert sunset when you go on an evening safari.


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is among the most impressive mosques in the world. Its size alone is simply overwhelming. It has a white marble that luminescent beneath the Arabian sun. The interior of this mosque is equally impressive.

Rest assured that you will live to remember the view of this mosque and tell stories about it once you visit it during your trip to Dubai. Jumeirah Mosque is also a large and impressive mosque that you should visit when you travel to Dubai.


Dubai boasts of a coastline that is characterized by sparkling, clear waters and sand beaches. With high sunshine hours and hot temperatures, you can have great time at the beach. There are also coastal hotels with private beaches. Majority of them provide great water sport experiences.

These are some of the major reasons to visit Dubai. Consider traveling to Dubai for these and other reasons.